Hidden deep within the West Virginia hills, West Virginia Wesleyan College sits like a gem waiting to be uncovered. When asked what alumni recall about the college, much to Ms. Beth Rodgers’ dismay, very few people mention the Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library and its helpful website. The library and its website are detrimental to all Wesleyan students.


(pictured above: Annie Merner Pfeiffer library in all its glory)

The library has two floors; couches and tables litter the first floor promoting discussion and group work. The second floor provides a more peaceful option for studying, as even heavy breathing and the pounding of keyboard keys is slightly frowned upon. Located on the first floor, students may utilize a cafe station complete with freshly baked goods and coffee, public printers, and charging stations for all electronics.  Wesleyan’s library is an advocate for the Arts programs offered at Wesleyan, and students’ work is always displayed somewhere within the library. (A timeless piece of Wesleyan history is the mural on the first floor of the library.) The library is typically open late most evenings, so even night owls and procrastinators can get in some much needed study time. The staff is overly friendly and always willing to help, whether it be help finding a book or reserving a private room for a group study session.


(Pictured above: Wesleyan’s library cafe)

The single best characteristic of the library is its website. No, seriously- it’s better than Google. The website has many search tools and archives to choose from making this a valuable resource to utilize when preparing a paper or a project. The website can help provide students books, articles, and a vast array of other information about the topics they search for. The library also has a loan program where if the library doesn’t have the exact book, they loan it from another institution for no additional charge. Certain links, like JSTOR, will take the reader to databases that will specifically narrow down subject searches. This is especially helpful for research projects- having a world of knowledge at one’s fingertips is something taken for granted during this day and age. Not to mention, the databases are accessible worldwide to Wesleyan students- once a student has chosen a specific database to use, a login screen will appear. The Username is the student’s last name, and the Password is the code that begins with “P” on the back of the student ID.


(Pictured above: the mural on the first floor)

My personal favorite resource the website offers is help with citations- for us numbers people, this is HUGE. This means that an annotated bibliography will no longer take five hours to complete, because the website makes it simple to plug in information, and it will formulate a citation based upon the chosen citation method. All of the offered resources come at the “college-kid-price”: FREE. I know, I know. We all die a little on the inside when the syllabus says: “Intro to the Library Resources, Room 105, REQUIRED ATTENDANCE”. However, without this, so many college students would be so lost, and I promise when it comes time to write a senior thesis, you’ll be wishing you would’ve paid more attention during the presentation. Don’t just take my word for it- check out the website, here.

So, here is my challenge to you. No matter what school you attend whether it be a private, public, online college, or even a high school- check out your library’s resources and see what they have to offer you. You most likely have a gold mine right under your nose.




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